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Rubber Sheets

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Rubber Sheets

We are specialized in manufacturing high performance rubber sheets made of silicone, neoprene and viton. Our rubber sheets are made according to the client’s specification. These sheets offer durability, safety and strength. We produce rubber sheets in various size and patterns. The rubber sheets produced by us are used in variant applications like flooring purpose, dampers, belts and bumpers. We manufacture and stock vivid types of rubber sheets:

Natural Rubber Sheets
These rubber sheets offer outstanding physical properties along with temperature resistance used for service temperature up to 80°C. This product is great solution for variant industries but it has poor resistance to petroleum-based ozone, fluids and sunlight.

Neoprene Rubber Sheets
These sheets are best for acids, alkalis and open flames. The neoprene sheets supplied by us are outstanding for high temperature range of 40° C to 120° C. These sheets are meagerly used in different organizations like refineries, processing units and chemical industries.

Nitrile Rubber Sheets
These sheets have excellent resistance for petroleum products and many more industries like oil resistant seals and gaskets. The nitrile rubber sheets stocked by us can easily work on highest temperature of 110 F. These sheets contain good physical properties like abrasion resistance and good ageing resistance.

Silicone Rubber Sheets
These sheets contain good resistance for chemicals, acids and alkalis. These retain electrometric properties at any temperature. It stands at 200 C easily. These sheets have high resistance for ozone, ultraviolet radiation and oxygen but these are not good for oil industries.

E.P.D.M Rubber Sheets
The E.P.D.M rubber sheets made by us have outstanding compatibility with huge range of chemicals and intermediates. These sheets are extensively used in chemical, fertilizer plants and pharmaceutical industries.

Viton Rubber Sheets
The viton sheets produced by us are used for specific industries of heat and oil resistance. These exhibit excellent resistance for ageing and flame.

Polyurethane Sheets
We, at Rubber Age Industries, produce high performance polyurethane sheets, which contains excellent resistance to abrasion, tear and various solvents. But these cannot be used at high temperature.

Electrical Rubber Sheets
Our electrical rubber sheets are available with ISI marking (As per IS 5424). These sheets are used for electrical panel boar and it is available in black and red color with checkered pattern.

Floor Matting
We make floor mating in various colors and designs like coir mating, hallow mats, button mats and corrugated sheets. These are used in warehouses and in many more industries.


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